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Reads offer a wide range of window tinting services through the Melbourne area. One of our most popular window tinting services in Melbourne is home tinting. This is becoming more and more popular with our customers because it ensures a level of privacy you do not get with standard glass and it helps decrease your electricity bills. Preventing the strong sunlight coming through the windows also ensuresd that your flooring lasts longer and that your furniture, blinds etc do not fade quickly.

Do you need window tinting for your Melbourne business? We provide commercial properties with various types of glass tinting in Melbourne including reflective and non reflective window film to assist with heat and glare which makes the workplace a lot more comfortable. After all, you do want your employees to be as comfortable as possible to perform their tasks more efficiently. No-one enjoys working in an over heated office or factory. This leads to a fall in production levels.

Frosted glass tinting in Melbourne for your office is also proving to be a great success. Does your meeting room or boardroom need some additional privacy? Sometimes your clients want to have a more personal meeting at your office in a room that is not open for everyone to see in especially with law firms. Having a little frosted tinting can make the difference between a relaxed comfortable meeting to a 'looking over your shoulder' meeting to see who is looking in.

Graffiti is a big problem for businesses in Melbourne. It can instantly turn a business premises into a ghastly sight that potential customers may steer clear of. That is why we use high quality 'Anti Graffiti films' for our business and commercial customers. This saves the hassle and expense of replacing windows.

Another option for your business is strengthened security window film. Contact Us for information on these specialised films.

Glass tinting services Melbourne

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Glass tinting services Melbourne

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